Total Overdrive Slots

Total Overdrive sounds as if it might involve cars or other speeding vehicles. But no - it gives us a distant city to look at as we spin the reels of the game. A slot title takes its cue from the theme, so there is a hint of speed here. This is confirmed by the grid pattern in which a few speeding lights can be seen.

But those elements are part of the background to Total Overdrive slots. It is the action on the reels themselves we are most interested in, and we are going to find out more about that now.

Who is the developer?

None other than Betsoft, who is behind many successful slot game releases in recent times. Could this qualify as their next big success?

Demo details for Total Overdrive

There is a demonstration version to play, and this features everything you would expect to see in the real thing. It's worth playing it for a while to see if you like it.

Theme information and details

This has a futuristic theme that is very polished and nicely done. That background with the city in the distance gives depth, and the game is taking place at night. The reels are in the foreground, of course, so your attention will be taken up with those.

A neon design you're bound to love

The neon effect has been widely used in many slot games. There are traditional icons here, including the three bar icons, a bell, and some cherries. All these appear as neon signs. There are a few other neat touches too, as you'll see when you load the game.

Basic features to look out for in this slot game

This is a three-reel slot, which might surprise you or might not, given we mentioned the classic icons that appear on those reels. It is a relatively simple slot to play, although it uses a 3 x 3 format to get things moving. You won't find any progressive jackpots involved though.

The game offers a WILD symbol that says just that, so it can be handy to see spinning into view. It replaces everything with no exceptions. One other thing about that WILD - three on a line trigger a prize too, worth 50x the line wager.

The Overdrive Multiplier is the best bit though. Starting at 1x, anytime you get a prize on the reels, it rises by 1x. It continues to rise through successive winning spins until it hits the ceiling value of 10x. As soon as a losing spin is seen, whatever value it is currently on will drop to the original base value of 1x again.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are five fixed paylines in this slot.

Place those bets…

Even with fixed paylines, the minimum wager here is just five cents. You'll get several other options too, but the maximum spin bet is kept to $10.

Paytable details for Total Overdrive

Reading about such features as the multiplier element of the game is a good idea, even with our in-depth slot review here. The paytable tells you everything you need to know.

There is a bonus opportunity too

You can see how important the multiplier element is in this game. Did you know it has another random bonus connected to it too?

Whenever you trigger the multiplier following a winning combination, there is a chance the random Sticky Multiplier feature could trigger instead. This means the current value of the multiplier sticks in place for eight spins. Even if you get a losing spin that would normally reduce the multiplier to 1x again, this won't happen until the eight spins are completed. There is a much greater chance of picking up some bigger prizes thanks to this element.

Free spins aren't on offer though

Nothing to see in this respect.

RTP details for Total Overdrive online slots

This game has a good value of 96.92% on offer.

Our rating for this game

We think this deserves a 7/10 rating, thanks to its ability to go way beyond the usual fare in a three-reel game. Five-reel fans probably won't find much to appreciate here, at least not for longer periods, but it is a good one to check out.

What is the best outcome a winner could get?

Betsoft confirms the best prize would be 1,450x the wager played. Obviously, the size of the prize depends on the size of the wager.

Play the practice version to see how it works

It's an easy game to get the hang of, but we think you'll like taking the demo for a few spins first.

Play for real at any casino with Betsoft games on offer

Betsoft is a popular brand with a presence at lots of online casinos. If you are a member of a participating casino, you can play Total Overdrive for real whenever you like.

Can you play a mobile version too?

Yep - this slot game is ideal for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.