Jackpot Gagnant Slots

What an odd question! Well… actually it is not such an odd question if you know your French. Gagnant is a French word and our quick spot of research reveals that it means winner. That means there is a jackpot on offer in this game and you could stand a chance of being the winner of it. Now, that odd title suddenly looks more appealing, doesn’t it?

Reels and lines

The monster title reveals a small game giving us just three reels and five lines to accept bets on.

Coin options

There are various options available here, along with a chance to play up to 10 coins per line. That means a 50-coin top bet is available. Check the possible prizes for each coin value, since these will be lit according to the amount you choose. It is a neat feature that makes it easier to see the possibilities.

Special icons in Jackpot Gagnant

As the machine itself looks as though it lights up, it indicates a classic slot appearance. That is borne out by the addition of fruity symbols as well. However, the lady who may occasionally appear on the reels is the one to watch for. If she appears in every position on a paid line, you will win the jackpot associated with the number of coins you wagered on that spin.

Are there bonuses to be won?

No, not in the normal sense of the word. The game does include a Supermeter though. This is displayed over the reels themselves, in between the two sections of the paytable. It does make the screen look busy!

This only comes into action if you are wagering the top bet for a spin where two ladies show up on a line you placed a bet on. In this case, a mystery win would be awarded to you. It is a neat additional touch but be sure your budget can stand betting that amount on each spin if you want to open the potential to try and score that prize.

Download and play the Jackpot Gagnant slot game now

This is more than your average light-up slot game can offer. With lots of great features involved – more than you may have expected – you can appreciate how many people will enjoy trying this one for a while. Even if you don’t scoop the jackpot, there could be enough to entertain you here.