Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

You could call many slots crazy, but will this one be crazier than most? It does feature a fruit bat, as you might suppose from the title. Fruit Bat Crazy is a great new slot to explore that is different from anything else you might have seen. It may not look it from the start but believe us when we say this one has a secret or two up its sleeves.

About the game

If you think this one will revolve around bats, you are partly correct. It does feature a bat, but it also has lots of fruit to tie in with the title. Don’t expect a regular fruit-filled slot though – there are some differences in this one.

Slot game developer details

We will find the Betsoft name associated with Fruit Bat Crazy. They have released countless 3D slots over the years, although this is not one of them. It looks a lot more basic than some of their most recent releases, particularly Max Quest, a slot that was not really a slot at all. We’d encourage you to check that out if you want something different to try. Of course, Fruit Bat Crazy is also worth a look, as we will soon find out.

What about trying the demo play option?

This is a good idea as the demo is exactly like the real version, except you get demo credits to work with instead of being required to make a deposit. That means you can see how to play the game and which icons you should look out for if you do decide to go ahead.

Does the game provide a fruity theme?

It does, with the added perk of the fruit bat. The bat provides us with the most notable feature of the game – something we’ll come to shortly. Whenever we spot fruit in a game, we usually end up seeing bells and sevens too, and we get those here as well.

Game design facts

The background isn’t much to speak of, but its purple shades make everything else leap out at you. There are vines wrapping themselves around the reels too. The 2D appearances of the fruit are perhaps not as exciting as you might think, but they still look clear and easy to see.

Slot game type

This game has five reels and offers a couple of notable features we will explain more about shortly. Be aware that the fruit bat brings the best of the bonuses to the fore. There isn’t a progressive prize in store here though.

What about paylines?

The simple answer to that question is that none of them exist. Betsoft has provided all 243 possible winning ways to be looked at here, rather than limiting us to a quantity of lines.

Betting options to think about

You must cover all the possible ways you could win prizes here, which means selecting a bet worth between 40 cents and $40 on each spin.

Finding the paytable

This is available by clicking the info button underneath the reels. It’s easy to find and is broken down into several pages. One tells you about the Fruit Bat Crazy feature. You can also learn about something called the Exploding Win Ladder on another page.

The paytable reveals a diamond is the wild icon, appearing on the second and fourth reels of the game. You might also spot Bonus Buy Coins in play, which will be collected if they show up on any of the middle three reels of the game.

Bonus round information

The Exploding Win Ladder isn’t a bonus game, but it will be triggered on any winning spin of the reels. The icons in the winning line will explode and vanish, as you might have seen in other games. However, there is a difference here. The lowest-valued ones disappear first, and the others follow in order of their value on the reels. The ones appearing above the vacant spots will drop into those positions, with more symbols falling from above. This process carries on until we reach a stage where no additional winning combinations are found.

Could you win any free spins in Fruit Bat Crazy?

Yes… how about up to 200 of them? Yes, that’s true… it just depends on how many fruit bats you can find. A prize is given if you manage to spot two on the reels. However, if you find between three and 15 fruit bats in a spin, you would receive between 10 and 200 fruit bats. You get 10 of them for three bats and more are given to you for more bats appearing in the same spin.

Game RTP details

Nothing is known yet about this part of the game. We’ll update once we discover the accurate return-to-player information for Fruit Bat Crazy.

Fruit Bat Crazy gets a good slot game rating from us

Having tried the demo that Betsoft has provided for this slot game, we would probably award it seven out of 10 stars. If it wasn’t for the fruit bat free spin feature, this game wouldn’t stand out much at all. It is nice to see fruit appearing in a five-reel slot instead of a basic three-reel one, but if we didn’t get the chance to play lots of free games here, we doubt the game would appeal to that many players.

Any slot game winners yet?

Not that we are aware of, but then lots of players like to keep their prizes to themselves. Since there isn’t a progressive pot to dip into, chances are the big players will go elsewhere for a slice of entertainment. However, if you managed to secure some freebies with the fruit bat’s assistance, we guess you might end up putting together a string of smaller wins if you get lucky.

Play Fruit Bat Crazy for fun

This is a good way to see how the paytable information translates into the game itself. With lots of entertaining elements here and a nice easy appearance to look at, this game is nice to help pass the time.

Will you play for real money?

This is for you to decide. Not everyone wants to play this way, with some eager to enjoy a game for what it is. However, we would always suggest you check the demo prior to deciding on how or whether to play with proper bets in place on those reels.

Appreciate some mobile play for Android/iOS

This game will be released for mobile play too. If you would rather play Fruit Bat Crazy in this way, you will find it very easy to do so.