Heist Slots

This is the big question you have to answer in this Betsoft slot game. The game involves a bank robber who is clearly intending to steal as much as he can. But will the outcome of the game go in your favor, or will the detective try to scupper your plans?

The game starts with a cut scene to show you the story behind the game, and then you can see what happens when you actually start spinning the reels.

Reels and paylines

The game presents you with five reels and 30 paylines.

Betting options

This isn’t a penny slot but it comes pretty close, with a 2-cent minimum bet per line. You can play as much as $150 on a single spin.

Special symbols in play in Heist

There isn’t a wild in this game, but some of the symbols are still quite valuable. You should look out for the glass cutter tool – a circular tool with a bar on it to hold onto – and explosives too, not to mention the vault itself.

Bonus features to explore

If you get three or more glass cutters on your reels, you will be prompted to choose one to get one of three prizes. This could be some free spins. On the other hand, you could win prize credits or even access to the bonus feature.

The explosives are very explosive, because if they appear in the center of the third reel they’ll detonate, making that entire reel wild. If you get any prizes as a result, you will double their value. You might even benefit from a re-spin if you get this feature.

Finally, there is the Vault bonus feature. Three or more vaults must appear on one payline you’ve wagered money on to get access to this. You have to get to the vault by getting past the security system put in place by the bank. Will you manage it or will you be thwarted by the detective?

Download and play Heist slots today!

Heist is a pretty slick game with nice graphics and a cool theme. It’s not law-abiding, that’s for sure – not in terms of the theme, anyway! We did like the nice mix of special features the game can offer, and you stand a pretty good chance of getting some prizes along the way. Hopefully, you’ll get access to that all-important vault as well!