Yakuza Slots

Yakuza Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot with a theme that’s based on the criminal elements of the famous illegal Japanese organization. Anyone who’s read books or watched movies about popular culture is probably aware of the Yakuza, and the illicit reputation they have around the world. In this slot, all of that renown comes bursting to life, as a decorated detective goes head-up with the Yakuza Boss and his many loyal soldiers. They are all armed, and you, the detective, must take them down and win coins and prizes in the process. The game is one of those Progressive Jackpot types, where the amount of money you can win is truly impressive. There are re-spins and bonus symbols along the way to help your chances at securing up to 1,000 coins in a single payout. There are several symbols in this game, but the most important one is the sword. It acts as the wild, which means that it replaces any other symbol to complete a payline for your benefit. The prize at the end is tripled if the sword forms a part of the combination. Even before you get to the winning combination, though, the sword symbol will deliver re-spins every time it shows up on the board, making for a lot of extra chances at making something big happen. As for the other attributes of Yakuza Slots, the Scatter symbol helps you make it to the bonus game. In fact, it takes three such Scatters; once there, you’re given the chance to pick the traitor symbol, the loyal gangsters or the undercover character. The undercover guy has a prize of a normal bonus payment behind him, the traitor has a huge multiple of 50 attached to the regular payout (clearly, this is the one you want), and the loyal gangsters give you half of whatever the bonus is. Now; on to the money available! Yakuza Slot doesn’t hold back when it comes to the payouts; both Progressive jackpots are quite a sight to see. The Super Slots jackpot can climb as high as a brand new Mercedes Benz E-Class car – around $45,000 and counting. The smaller Mystery jackpot is a source of direct income, in a sense: you always know that when it hits $10,000, it delivers the full amount if you’re the winner. All in all, Yakuza Slots is a great slot to play, and it’s also available on mobile.