Irish Story Slots

You've likely never seen a game as bright and striking as this one. Even the background is moving - or at least, a tree is swaying in the breeze. If you are curious to learn whether there is any Irish good fortune involved with this game, get ready - our review tells you more.

Developer information for Irish Story

This great title comes to us from the creators at Inbet Games.

A delightful demo to check out

This is one of those slots you could just look at and appreciate for a while. The background is in 3D and the reel icons are striking in their mix of bright colors. You can play as if you were trying the real thing, and only switch over if you enjoy it enough to do so.

Does it have a predictable theme?

Yes - if you were thinking about Irish luck as a theme, you were correct.

Top marks for a stunning design

Inbet Games has created slots in the past that were not as beautiful as this one. They all have their perks, of course, but Irish Story is a great one - perhaps the best of their collection so far.

Learning the ropes for the Irish Story slot game

This has just three reels, but with three large icons per reel it looks bigger than that. You won't spot any progressive jackpots here though. The base game does not have a wild or scatter, although the leprechaun does pop up as a bonus symbol.

How many paylines are involved?

While the game could accommodate more than one, it does use just the one line, indicated by the wooden arrow.

Use the arrows to place your bets

The arrows take you from the one-cent minimum through to $5 at most on the payline. You can bet from 10 to 500 credits on the line too, and the values in the paytable change according to how much you wager.

Is there a paytable?

Yes - it appears to the left of the reels. However, you can get more information about the game by selecting the HELP button on the right of the reels.

Is there a bonus here?

There is, but it doesn't occur on another screen.

So, do we get some free spins then?

We do. Finding three leprechauns on the payline brings you 15 bonus spins. The paytable tells us these spins have a special wild feature included, but you don't find out what that is until you start playing those spins.

We managed to trigger them though. The leprechaun appears on the second reel, expanded into place as a wild for the duration of the spins. You also get three paylines rather than the single one in the base game. That means if you match icons on the first and third reels on a horizontal line, you are a prize winner.

The RTP remains unknown

The game doesn't give any indication of what the return to player percentage might be.

Are we going to give the Irish Story slot a good rating?

Yes, this receives 8 out of 10 from us. We love the quality of the game and the graphics too. It is hard not to like a game that is so colorful. The prizes are clearly shown when they appear, and the bonus spins are great to play. We scooped lots of prizes from that round.

Are we going to hear of any winners for Irish Story?

It's possible, especially if someone plays the maximum bet while triggering one of the biggest prizes. Keep your ears open in case news comes of someone doing just that.

Play the demo version to see how good it is

If you love color and sharp imagery in your slots, this one is for you.

Are you going to move on to play the real thing?

This is a great three-reel game, to be sure. It won't be ideal for everyone, but we think it is going to secure lots of fans.

Check out the mobile version as well

You may not settle for the computer version of Irish Story. Its striking imagery is ideal for mobile devices as well.