Houdini Slots

Harry Houdini made a name for himself as a successful magician. His name is associated with many escapology stunts, so you can guess the imagery you are going to see in the slot game inspired by him. Let’s see what we can figure out about the game.

Who created the Houdini slot?

This one was developed by Inbet Games.

The demo gives you a chance to find out more

With no real wagers required, you can try the demo to see if you like it.

The theme is based on magical effects

With rabbits in hats, cards, and doves all making appearances here, the Houdini slot also features the man himself.

Does it also promise a magical design?

The game seems to be set on stage, although the background is minimal in detail. On the reels, we see various symbols appearing (as if by magic, perhaps), and Houdini himself looks suitably mysterious. We’ve seen more detailed games, for sure, but this one is nice enough.

Learning the basics about the game

You should expect five reels to appear when the game is ready to play. Inbet Games doesn’t typically include any progressive jackpots and that is the case here too.

The magician’s hands, clad in white gloves, are the wild icon. They replace everything else in the game. There are no scatters to look out for, though.

How many paylines are involved?

The game includes 10 paylines, so that should give you plenty to bet on.

Which bet amounts can you choose from?

The bets start at just one cent per line, moving through other values to reach the maximum amount of five dollars.

The paytable explains everything you should know

The question mark appears in the bottom corner over on the left, just as it does in other Inbet Games titles. It reveals more about the game and how its features work.

Is there a bonus?

While it would be nice to see an escapology bonus on a second screen, nothing of the sort appears here.

What about earning some free spins?

Yes, Harry might be able to help you with those. Look out for his wild gloved hands to appear stacked on reels one and five. That requires six sets of hands to appear in all. This will bring you 15 free spins. The triggering wilds stay where they are, so only the second, third, and fourth reels spin 15 times. What could you get from those spins?

No indication of the RTP

This isn’t unusual for games from this developer.

Do we like the Houdini slot game?

We do. We like a magical theme, and this one works well. They’ve stuck to traditional tricks rather than the ones Houdini was known for, but we still like it enough to give it 7 out of 10.

What is the most you could get in prize money?

If Harry appeared in every spot on one paid line, 5,000 coins would be awarded.

Play the practice version to get a better idea of the rules

This is an easy slot to understand and play, but the demo still gives you a real-world go at it without risking your cash.

Are you going to play for real as well?

If you like the Houdini slot and the touch of magic it brings, look out for it at casinos offering Inbet Games slots.

Did you know there is a mobile version as well?

This is just as simple to play, even though the controls are slightly different.