Are You Good at Spotting True Illusions?

The wealth of 3D slot games online now is a far cry from the tiny handful we had to start with. True Illusions is a great addition to the stable of games available, and it uses the image of a stage and a magician to lure you in. Let's check out how the game plays so you know what you can expect when you start to play for real.

How many reels and paylines does True Illusions have?

There are five reels in the game and a total of 30 paylines so it has plenty to offer in this sense. Some sites offer free play so you can get a feel for the game before you start betting on the individual reels.

What are your minimum and maximum bet amounts?

This game keeps the bet amounts quite low. The smallest amount is two cents, while the largest is just 50 cents. With 30 paylines in play this means you can cover all of them on every spin for a reasonable sum of money, whatever your budget might be.

Does True Illusions have any special symbols?

The wild symbol is here and easy to spot too - it literally says wild! If you get three of them stacked on the middle reel you'll be able to enjoy a wild reel for a collection of spins. The magician is also worth searching for, since three of these at a minimum on the reels will unlock some free spins for you.

Is there a bonus game to play on the second screen?

It's obvious there will be a bonus round in this game, and it is worth looking for. The card symbol is the one to unlock it with, and you will get the chance to choose one of the cards the magician has for you to earn a prize.

Play True Illusions slot game online today!

We really enjoyed the special features in this game and the symbols all link up to a magician's tricks and way of life. The 3D effects are very good indeed and sometimes when you get a winning combination you will see the magician perform a trick. As you can see, with lots of perks, a great appearance from the magician as you play and a really nice gaming experience, this could turn into a new favorite for you.