Top Secret Slots

Any game that gives you the chance to scoop up to 83,250 credits is worth exploring in detail. Top Secret sees a guy in uniform taking photos of documents, but what else is hidden in plain sight here?

Developer information

This game was created by Inbet Games.

Check out the demo

You can try this game before even parting with a cent, thanks to the demo version.

Does it have a spy theme?

Yes, that seems to be the idea behind this slot. There are coins, documents, medals, bolt cutters, and much else besides to spot on the reels.

A secretive design

Well, not exactly… but there is a safe-breaking attempt going on here. We wonder what those documents say? The game doesn’t have the most complex graphics around, but there are lots of nice touches here.

Getting down to the basics of Top Secret slots

The game is based on five reels, but it does not have any progressive jackpots to look for. Those bolt cutters are wild and can replace six high-paying symbols to help with prizes. The locked safe is the scatter symbol.

How many paylines are there?

Just nine in this game, although each line pays from right to left along with the usual left to right.

Betting options

Top Secret takes from one to 225 credits per spin. That means playing from one line up to nine, with anything from one to 25 credits per line.

Where is the paytable?

See that cog in the bottom right corner of the screen? Select that and then select the rules option. You can then scroll to read everything you need to know.

Does the game include a bonus?

Yes, it does – you must find three or more safe icons to trigger it. The officer is faced with four locked safes and must start opening them. An exploding safe will end the feature. If he opens them all without an explosion, you’ll move on to two locked doors. If you can locate a character called Radio Cathie, you’ll be a Super Bonus Game Winner!

No free spins to be had here

Sadly, no freebies are on the way for players of this slot game.

No RTP information

We didn’t unearth any secrets regarding the RTP for the Top Secret slot.

What’s our rating?

This is a pleasant-enough slot to play if you’re in the mood. We liked the unusual bonus feature, but we’d have liked some free spins too if we’re honest. It still gets a 7 out of 10 score though.

News of winners is likely to be thin on the ground

There are some good prizes to be won here, but you can expect to forego any news of them as there are no progressives around to nab if you get the chance.

Play the practice version first

Will you like what you see in this game? Check it out today to see if you like it by trying the demo before you try it for real.

Will you move on to play the Top Secret slot game for real?

Only you can figure that out. The officer is waiting for your answer…

Mobile options

The slot game has been released for use and enjoyment across all platforms. If you have a smartphone or tablet handy, visit a casino introducing Top Secret and other Inbet Games whenever you get the chance.