Pirates Cave Slots

You never know what you might find inside a cave. Will it be deserted or ready for someone to hide in for the night? Will it be somewhere a pirate uses to stash their treasure? We are about to find out by stepping into this Pirate Cave.

Who created the Pirate Cave slot game?

Inbet Games came up with the idea for this game.

The demo is just as good as the real thing

There are no real prizes, of course – just prizes based on demo credits – but you can still get an idea of how it works.

You’ve guessed the theme already, no doubt

Pirates are mentioned in the title, so it makes sense that would be the theme in use here. Not on a ship though, but in a cave…

A good design effort

The background shows the interior of the cave, while the reels are chock-full of lots of pirating symbols. They have selected letters and numbers to represent the cheaper icons, but those look impressive enough too.

Learning the basics of Pirate Cave

The game comes with five reels, each one separated with a line for clarity. The game doesn’t have jackpots, so it relies on the prizes listed in the paytable. The table also tells us about the gold coin with a skull on it. This is the wild symbol. It substitutes for most things with two exceptions – the pirate and the treasure chest. The latter symbol is the bonus icon.

Payline amount

The game packs in nine lines to bet on.

Choose your bets

There are lots of options here, from just a cent per line to five dollars at the most.

Read about the rules in the paytable

This should be your first stop, especially if you are playing the real game. Look for details of the wild and the other special symbols. The pirate is the highest-paying symbol of all, hence why it is not replaced by the wild.

Bonus game details

Find at least three bonus treasure chests and the screen changes to reveal a scene where five chests are waiting to be opened. What is inside each one? If you find treasure inside every chest, the Super Bonus Game is your next stop. There are no details on what this might entail.

No free spins here

The bonus feature is all you can hope for.

RTP information

We have found no info to suggest what the RTP could be for Pirate Cave.

Our rating for this slot game

This one receives 7 out of 10 from us. We would have upped that to 8 out of 10 if the game had included free spins as well.

Would-be winners should look for the best combos on the paytable

Familiarize yourself with the possibilities. You never know what could happen, but you’ll recognize the combos when they appear.

Are you starting with the demo?

Step inside this cave and see how the game pans out. Could you get through to the treasure chest bonus feature?

Play for real whenever you are ready

If you enjoy the game and you want to give the real thing a shot, you know how to do it. Find an Inbet Games casino to check out the real thing.

Pirate Cave is available to play on mobile as well

Don’t wait until you are sitting at your computer. Grab that smartphone or tablet and get started now.