Tower of Fortuna Slots

The intro for Tower of Fortuna looks promising, with ancient buildings, soaring mountains, and billowing clouds all adding to the feel. What’s inside the tower though? Does it suggest a fortune for those who wish to play? We’ll soon see, so come with us as we explore the Tower of Fortuna slot game to learn more about it.

Which creator came up with this one?

It’s yet another impressive slot from Betsoft, so you can expect a quality level that is high here for starters.

There is also a demo available

Ever reliable on this count, Betsoft does indeed give us the chance to play a demo game.

Can you work out the theme?

A tower, an ancient-style setting, hmm… this could go several ways. As it turns out, Fortuna is a goddess, the Goddess of Luck no less, so that bodes well for us here. The tower has a key role to play as well, as you’ll soon find out.

A fascinating design

The game takes place in the tower, and you’ll see inside it as you play. The background that first appeared while loading the game remains in view too. We also get a cute flying cherub… or is that the Goddess herself?

How to play Tower of Fortuna slots

Here we go then, with a three-reel slot that offers three icons per reel. A red and gold banner is the wild and is labeled as such. This is a powerful icon, substituting for most other icons appearing in the game. The exception is the golden sun, which behaves as a scatter symbol. However, you’ll only ever see the wild banner on the middle reel.

Finally, there aren’t any progressive prizes available in this game.

How many paylines are there?

There are five, and you must play them all.

Available wagers

The cheapest spin bet to cover the lines is 60 cents, so this requires a bigger budget than you might have thought. Using the plus button, we went all the way up to $9.60 as the largest spin wager.

Look for the info button

It’s easy to find, just below the first reel, so you can hit it to reveal the paytable and the rules for the game.

Bonus feature – begin climbing the Tower…

When the game spins and you don’t score a prize, you begin to climb the Tower. The base level multiplier of 1x also climbs by 1x. This continues until you score a prize, at which point you will have that prize multiplied by the amount shown. This multiplier appears on the banner hanging from the trumpet held by the cherub with wings… a neat touch!

You might also earn some free spins

Finding three scattered suns anywhere on the reels will bring you 10 free spins. You can trigger these again by finding another three suns in one spin. There is a buy-in feature for this too if you want to go through to it without waiting. However, be aware that you may not scoop prizes equal to or more than the amount you pay to play the round.

RTP for Tower of Fortuna

Betsoft gives this as 96.09%, so it’s a reasonable return to player percentage.

Our rating for Tower of Fortuna

This is a decent game, especially when you begin climbing the Tower. Watch as the multiplier increases as you go, giving you a bigger prize when you do eventually score one. We’re giving this a solid 8.5 out of 10.

Watch for three purple moons

The crescent moon with the purple background is stunning, especially as three of those on the payline creates the top prize. Be aware that the prizes in the paytable change according to the bet you place, so choose your wager before reviewing the potential in that table.

Play the demo to watch the Tower

Tower of Fortuna is captivating to watch, thanks to the superb graphics, the climbing feature as you go up the Tower, and various other aspects as well. Ideal to watch in the demo game as you begin…

Play the real game if you can afford the 60-cent minimum bet

This means playing 12 cents per line at the least, so make sure it is right for you before you play.

Can you play on mobile too?

You can, yes, as you’d expect of a modern Betsoft slot game.