Meet Pinocchio!

We all know Pinocchio, and now you have a chance to meet the little wooden guy on the reels created by Betsoft. This game is very good and has been created with a lot of depth. there are three worlds for starters – Gepetto’s workshop, the puppet show and Pinocchio’s classroom. With lots of other features to look for as well, you’ll be glad you gave it a try.

Reels and paylines

This 3D game benefits from 15 lines, which means you also have five reels in play.

Betting options

The standard Betsoft minimum coin value is two cents, and that’s in play here. You also have a chance to go up to a dollar if you like. They’ve given you the chance to increase your coins to five on each line too.

Special symbols in play in Pinocchio

The scatter varies depending on which world you’re in – Gepetto in the workshop, Books in the classroom and a wagon on the stage. They appear on the odd-numbered reels each time, and each time they can trigger a wild feature as well, which again will vary depending on the world you are playing in. Also on each occasion, free respins are involved, which adds further depth to the game.

You can also play in Real Boy Mode. You start in Wood Boy Mode and you have to get five Real Boy symbols in order to access the new mode. As such, you can switch modes from time to time, as you’ll collect Wood Boy symbols to return to that mode.

Bonus features to explore

You could get Fairy Awesome respins in this game too. This happens if you get four symbols lined up, but one of the first three reels let you down. The fairy can appear and respin that reel to try and get the five-symbol win.

Also, you can go from world to world by collecting the relevant symbols during the game to unlock each one. When you have enough, you simply have to wait as you are taken into the next screen.

Download and play Pinocchio slots today!

Phew – there really is a lot to get your head around with this slot. The good thing is they give you an autoplay mode and the chance to play for fun. We’d recommend you do that, so you can see how the game works and how the various features can be triggered. Then you can play for real!