Gold Canyon Slots

That is the big question, and since the title mentions gold, we guess that is what you can expect to see when you wander into the canyon provided for you in this game. We’re set to enjoy a great game here on a theme that has been used before. However, don’t expect everything to go the way you might think. There is enough here to please players both old and new, so let’s get into our review of the Gold Canyon slot to find out more.

Gold Canyon slots: An introduction

One thing you immediately notice about this game is its modern features. These might seem at odds with the game, mostly because it is set in the past. It lands us in the middle of the Gold Rush, so that gives you more clues to what you can expect here. Our review will go into every detail, so hang tight for an entertaining ride.

Who developed the game?

Betsoft is behind the development of this game, so that should make you feel confident you’re going to get a slot you will love. While they are famous for making superb 3D slot games, this isn’t one of them. Don’t let that dissuade you from trying it though, as it offers you lots of engaging features to check out.

Have they included a demo version?

Yes, as is common with all Betsoft slots. The demo is the same as the version you would play for real money, except you get demo credits to play with. There are enough there to let you play for a good while too, allowing you to gauge whether this is a game you’d like to play for real later.

What’s the theme?

We mentioned the Gold Rush already, and we’re in a canyon here where they’re mining for gold. So, we have yet another mining-themed slot to explore. This is an old theme, for sure, but it has enough packed within it to give you an entertaining time.

More about the game design

The presentation is superb; Betsoft hasn’t let us down here. The backdrop is often forgotten by some developers, but they have added a canyon setting that includes the opening to the mine, a mine cart, and even a windmill. That windmill spins fast and slow according to the breeze, giving you a nice feel and sense of realism.

Features to expect in the Gold Canyon slot

Let’s get down to the main elements of the game now. There are five reels here, packing in three icons on each one. You won’t be able to shoot for a progressive prize, since nothing of this kind is provided. However, the game gives you a good range of potential prizes to go for if you play.

A cowboy pops up during play too – at least he will if you are fortunate. He is the substitute, appearing on reels two through to five but not on the first one. He expands whenever he appears, so you might end up scooping a prize when you wouldn’t ordinarily have done so. He cannot substitute for the scatter, which appears in the game as some sticks of dynamite, complete with a fuse. That fuse is lit, too…

Does it have paylines or way wins?

The game includes 20 paylines, but they are all fixed. This means you must choose a bet that will cover all those lines in every spin.

How to bet on the game

With fixed paylines in action here, you get a good array of betting options to choose from. The game loads with a two-dollar bet in place, but you can make this bigger or smaller to suit whatever budget you are playing with. The smallest option is just 20 cents, while you could increase the default to hit $20.

Does it include a paytable?

You can access the paytable by selecting the small I in the lower left of the game. The table includes all potential prizes, all icons you might see, and the special features of the game. We recommend you read through it before you begin.

Is there a bonus feature to look for?

Gold Canyon doesn’t have a bonus that occurs on a second screen, but it does have a neat feature connected to the scattered dynamite. Whenever you get three or more of those dynamite icons appearing in one spin, they will all blow up. When this happens, new symbols will drop into the vacated spots from above. This means you could get another prize along with the scatter prize you just managed to scoop.

The more dynamite you find, the bigger the scatter prize will be. If you filled the screen with scatters, they would all explode and give you 1,000x the triggering bet you placed on that spin. Of course, you’d then get a new set of symbols falling into place, holding the potential to get you some more wins.

Can you secure any free spins?

Yes, and these are also connected to those dynamite sticks. Whenever three or more appear, the process described above will occur. You then receive a free spin to play for each scatter in the triggering combo. That guarantees you at least three of them and as many as 15 if you get them all. It appears that scatters could also pop up during the free games, so there could be more on offer as well.

What is the game RTP?

Betsoft has revealed the return to player value is 96.13%.

How highly do we rate this title?

This is a great game, and while it doesn’t feature anything too complex, we like the exploding dynamite feature and the expanding wild. Combined with the theme and graphics, it means we’re rating this as an 8 out of 10 game.

Are there slot game winners to mention?

With no progressive to go for here, Gold Canyon is not likely to hit the headlines with any major winners. However, if someone manages to get a good win at a casino, they’ll probably release news of it. We’ll keep you posted if we hear of anything like this.

Try the fun play version first

This is the best way to gauge whether you like the game enough to play the real version. The demo is entertaining and provides you with more insight into the game and how all the features work. Will you like this way of trying to snag some free games?

Have you thought about switching to try the real version of the slot?

Once you have tried some demo spins, you can consider switching over to the proper paid version of the game. If you have already joined a Betsoft casino, you will likely find the game there. If not, look for a casino offering Betsoft games that also has a good welcome deal to take advantage of.

You can play Gold Canyon on an Android or iOS mobile platform

Isn’t that great? While the game looks superb on a large computer screen, it looks excellent on smaller tablets and smartphones too. That means you can enjoy it whenever you are ready to wander into the canyon to find some gold…