True Heroes Slots

Do you ever get the feeling there are eyes following you around the room when you look at a painting? It's an interesting technique, and it looks as though the same thing has been attempted in the True Heroes slot game. Once you notice it, it won't bother you, but we found it freaky to start with!

True Heroes looks set to be a heroic slot. So, is it going to be a good one to check out or not? We're about to reveal the answers.

About the True Heroes slot game

This is a 2D slot, so there are no stunning graphics here. That said, the main icons are stand-out good to find. You may not have seen too many slots based on similar themes either, so that's another plus to consider.

Developer information

If you've played a few games from this developer before, you'll immediately recognize the True Heroes slot as another good release from Arrows Edge.

Demo information

The slot does come with a demo version for you to try. It loads quickly and is ready to play within seconds. There's no risk of losing your own cash playing this version, and it comes with a demo balance in dollars.

A theme we think you'll like

Look out for the dog with a fireman's hat on, an army soldier, and a policewoman. Yes, this slot is populated by the true heroes of our society - the people who go out every day to make the world a better and safer place to live in.

Can we expect a solid design?

Arrows Edge slots aren't known for packing in lots of detailed imagery. However, they do have a detailed design of their own. It's a certain look that marks out each slot as one of theirs. If you like it, you'll like the design of this game too.

Basic features to watch out for in True Heroes slots

Arrows Edge has put together a five-reel slot game with the typical three icons appearing on each reel. The controls are positioned underneath the reels and are identical to those in many of their other titles.

There is a progressive jackpot here - the Super Slots Jackpot just above the first reel. This is randomly triggered, so you must simply hope it comes your way. Not likely, but it's nice to see. You're not required to bet a minimum amount to be in the running for it either.

The game features a wild ambulance, replacing all except the police car scatter symbol.

How many paylines are in this game?

The True Heroes slot gives us 25 fixed paylines.

Choose your bets

You just need to select your total bet before getting started. The default value is $5, but you can knock that all the way down to 25 cents if you wish. The highest value is $250.

Paytable details for True Heroes

The paytable is hidden behind the question mark in the bottom left corner. This tells you the features of the game over four sections. You can select each section or simply scroll through them to read them in turn.

Bonus details

The game features a Police Chase bonus, triggered whenever the police car falls in any position on the third reel. You then get 25 plays with a 10x prize based on your triggering wager. You'll pay for these spins as usual, but the police tape appears over the row the police car appeared on.

There is a chance the process might trigger again, in which case another set of 25 plays would be granted in Police Chase mode. You could also trigger it a third time, and each subsequent time would award a bigger initial prize for you, up to 100x your bet.

There is also an emergency feature involving a Shattering Wild. This only lands on the third reel, but when it appears it duplicates onto random positions on the reels. Should this occur during the Police Chase mode, it will incur a random multiplier whenever a prize is won. Depending on which Police Chase mode is selected, the random multiplier could be worth up to 6x.

No free spins available

Nope, you won't find any of those here.

What is the RTP for True Heroes?

This is not known at present.

What is our rating for this slot game?

We're going to give this 8 out of 10 points. We liked the emergency wild feature as you never know how many other spots are going to be taken up by the wild spreading over the reels. We finally managed to trigger the Police Chase after several goes, and then went into the second feature. Other than the two prizes won for triggering the Police Chase element of the game, nothing much else seemed to happen. We then had the final Police Chase element appear, which gave us the big prize before returning us to the base game. The police tape doesn't seem to have any effect at all.

Who might end up scooping the progressive jackpot?

Wouldn't it be great to know? If someone does get the Super Slots Jackpot, no doubt news of that prize will be mentioned online.

Play for the thrill of the game in demo mode

It's worth trying this one out to see what you think of it before moving to the real version. Our favorite feature was that emergency wild, which certainly improves your chances of some prizes if it appears.

Would you play for real?

Only you can figure out the answer to that one. There are bigger prizes available if you manage to go through the Police Chase modes, but nothing is guaranteed.

Mobile play for True Heroes slots from Arrows Edge

As a modern slot release, you can count on playing this one on your Android or iOS device if you wish.