Birds! Slots

There certainly are, and there are lots of them, too! Birds is a cool and fun game from Betsoft, which means you are in for a great time – and there are plenty of birds that could line up to give you some good prizes, too.

The game benefits from some cool 3D graphics, and since you can try it in test mode first, there is no reason not to explore it further. Allow us to begin…

What’s the score on reels and lines?

You bet on the equivalent of 25 lines, on five reels. They don’t look like reels, though, because the three rows are presented as telegraph wires, and each one is given five birds to sit on it. The game works on chain reaction wins, too, so look at the paytable to see how those wins might result.

What can you wager on Birds?

The coin values go from two cents to a dollar. You also have five bet levels to choose from, which basically refers to the amount of coins played on each line.

Special icons used in Birds

This game has some colorful birds in play, but the most colorful multicolored bird is the wild. It replaces all other birds, too.

Bonus features and possibilities

You get free flights in this game rather than free spins, but it amounts to much the same. The idea is to fill the flights meter that appears to the left of the game. When it is completely filled, you can enjoy four free rounds. Four, five or six flights mean you get eight, 12 or 20 rounds respectively. Get seven flights and you’ll trigger 14 free rounds along with the equivalent number of flights that triggered it. Keep playing in test mode for a while until you trigger this, and you will start to get an idea of how it works. More rounds can also be triggered while playing through this feature, which is good news for you. In fact, they are technically unlimited!

Download Birds onto your favorite platform now!

Whenever a play begins, the birds will fly onto the screen and you will see if you win anything. You then need to try and get new wins with the help of other birds that drop into play. This is a great game and it is very appealing to play – not to mention to look at!