What Would the Term The Glam Life Mean to You?

Would you like to live a glam life? This clearly means glamorous, and when you look at the number of symbols on the reels and what they represent, you would definitely see the appeal in this. Watches, jet planes, Rolls Royces… you name it, it’s all here.

If you’re ready to get a great game underway, The Glam Life will take you closer to living the dream… Even if you don’t win a huge jackpot, you might just get a taste of the high life!

Reels and paylines

Everything is appealing in terms of the payline amount, because you get 20 of them in all. It’s a five-reel game too.

Betting options

While many Betsoft games start with two-cent bets, this one lets you play it as a true penny slot. The highest total bet you can place turns out to be $50.

Special symbols in play in The Glam Life

You don’t get a wild in this game, which is a shame, but you do make up for it slightly with the addition of four other important symbols.

There’s a simple Pick Me bonus which relies on getting three jewelry boxes on a payline you’ve bet on. You’re prompted to choose one to reveal a prize.

And if you play the top bet on a spin and get five yachts across a payline you bet on, you scoop the progressive jackpot.

Bonus features to explore

There is a match bonus feature that happens on the reels when you get three or more perfume bottles, but they must all appear on one payline. You will see 15 ring boxes and you have to keep choosing them until you can find three boxes that all contain the same ring. Once this happens, you win the prize associated with that ring.

There are some free spins too – only two, three or five of them, triggered by getting three, four or five jets. But don’t worry about the lack of free spins, since you could also enter the Travel Around the World bonus. Three mansions at a minimum on a payline means you’ll get a chance to pick three landmarks from the collection shown. This means three cash prizes for you!

Download and play The Glam Life slots today!

This really is a glam life and the game has lots of prizes to give away. Will you win the biggest prize pot of all?