Who is the Frog Hunter?

Some slot games like to generate an air of mystery, and we think this particular title from Betsoft definitely ticks that box! Who is the frog hunter, and what can you expect to find out when you see him for the first time?

Well, it’s a fun game with a cartoonish appearance, but there is enough detail involved to keep you playing for a longer period of time. It does have some surprises in store, so let’s keep on reading to find out what they are.

Reels and paylines

Given the slick appearance of the game, you might be surprised to see it only has five paylines. These are arranged over five reels too, so it does look a little sparse in this sense.

Betting options

Two cents is the lowest-value coin used in the game. You can however go up to a five-dollar bet per line.

Special symbols in play in Frog Hunter

You get a good range of symbols in the game, and they’re all relevant to this theme too. The lines pay from right to left as well as the usual left to right, so that is good to remember before you start to play.

However, you don’t get the addition of any wilds or scatters here, so you are pretty much playing a standard game. Almost… but not quite, as you will see.

Bonus features to explore

There is a Dragonfly bonus in this game. You’ll trigger it when a dragonfly appears directly to the right of the male frog, or alternatively directly to the left of the female frog. You win either 2x or 3x your total bet in this bonus.

A second bonus is also available. This is the Water Lily bonus. You need at least three water lilies appearing consecutively on the reels to get this one to activate. You have to help the frog get across the pond using the lily pads, but there is a crocodile hidden and lying in wait, so be sure to try and avoid it!

Download and play Frog Hunter slots today!

The game does have more packed in than you might at first think. There are a couple of bonuses here, and although you can’t get any free spins at any point, you can enjoy the other elements the game provides you with.

Will you end up loving this Frog Hunter game as you try it for the first time?