Curious Machine Slots

Are you ready for a peek at the Curious Machine slots game? It hails from BetSoft so its creators have a good pedigree. Furthermore they don’t disappoint here as you’ll see in this amazing game.

How many reels and paylines does this game have?

There are five reels in the game and you have a generous number of paylines to focus on too – 30 in all if you want to play the lot.

What are the smallest and biggest amounts you can bet?

It’s easy to change between the various coin values in the game. The smallest one is two cents and you can dial things up to the maximum 50 cent bet per line if you wish.

Does the game have special symbols?

Yes – you can look for the chance to win free spins. This is possible by getting at least three dinosaurs popping up on the reels. You’ll have a chance at getting random multipliers in this case too.

Elsewhere there is a wild symbol, and in this game it is represented by a vortex. Sometimes this can trigger a reel rewind feature which means you get another reel spinning to give you another shot at a winning combination at no extra bidding charge. You need to bid all the reels to trigger this.

Is there a bonus round included?

There is, and you can Travel Through Time in the game. Look out for the symbol showing a map table. Get three of these at a minimum and you can see various places in the world in the past – and also in the future. The more credits you get and the more places you see, the more prizes you’ll win.

Try your hand at Curious Machine slots today!

We loved this game for lots of different reasons. Firstly the 3D detail is very clear and sharp, and it makes the gameplay more interesting throughout. The addition of the bonus feature is great but even if you don’t trigger the bonus round the other special features make it well worth playing. Try your luck at the Curious Machine today – download it and play for free or go straight to the paid option to see just how good it is. We think you’ll love it and you’ll be ready to play game after game too. Good luck with your shot at the prizes!