Prepare for the Rise of the Dragon

A dragon in a slot game is always a good thing, we think, especially if you like fantasy themes. But this game has something a little different in store. More specifically, it’s all about martial arts, and the dragon relates to that theme.

This is a great title from Betsoft, even though it appears to be one of their lesser-known ones. It’s certainly a lot of fun to play, and we’ve got the details on it below for you.

Reels and paylines

It probably won’t surprise you to learn this game packs in five reels – anything less would be a disappointment, we think. The 3D graphics sit well with these reels too.

Betting options

Betsoft always provides a good range of betting values in its games, and this one is no exception. We think penny slot players will be able to find a coin value that suits them, as will most other players who have more to play with.

Special symbols in play in Rise of the Dragon

There will be some fascinating symbols in action in this game. There is a sword laying in the grass, for example, as well as a very colorful bird, a Bonsai tree and some other more curious symbols as well.

The girl in the game, Hana, must also try to get the better of her enemy, a man called Sato, who appears to have captured her father. Will she manage to do it? You will see the two face off against each other in part of the game, and you get two bars at the top of the screen that reveal how well she is doing against her mortal enemy.

Download and play Rise of the Dragon slots today!

It’s hard to reveal too much more about this game as there is precious little info online about it. Your best bet is to watch the introductory video, which shows you the main characters in the game and sets up the storyline. There are many similar videos that begin many of the Betsoft games, especially the 3D ones like this. Hopefully that might give you an idea of just how good this game will be when you play it at a casino.

Until then, the promise of martial arts in a slot game is a rarity indeed. Perhaps this one will appeal more than any other when you decide to give it a go.