Age of Knights Slots

The age of knights was a time of battle, of castles and drawbridges, and much more besides. Are you ready to see if you are strong enough to play the Age of Knights slot game?

Who created the game?

The game comes from Inbet Games.

Try the demo to witness the theme in action

It’s always nice to see what a slot holds in store before dipping into your funds to play it. The demo for Age of Knights is easy to access and nice to play.

A bygone theme

The theme is based on knights and castles, of course, and it is nicely done with a cartoon element here.

Does the design stand up well?

We like it a lot. The castle’s turrets are on either side of the reels. On the left, horse and knights go in and out of the gate. On the right, a bucket on some rope swings from side to side. Someone comes onto the balcony now and then, too.

Reels and other features of Age of Knights slots

There are five reels, stitched into a banner held up on a pole. The knight in armor is a wild, replacing most other icons in the game. He also brings you a 2x multiplier when helping create a prize. He won’t replace the knight on the horse though, as this is the scatter.

Paylines in the game

There are 10 of these, clearly labeled on either side of the reels.

Betting options

The bet amount can be adjusted from 0.01 to 5.00 at most per line.

Paytable details

These are clear and informative, just as they should be. Look for the question mark next to the bet amount to go into the paytable.

Is there a bonus involved?

No, Age of Knights does not include a bonus feature.

Free spins are available, however

15 of these can be secured if three knights on horseback ride onto the reels at once. These games have a 3x multiplier involved too. Watch out for more horses, as three more scatters would bring another 15 freebies.

RTP unknown

This is quite usual for Inbet games titles.

What do we think?

We love the look of this game and the detail in the background. We keep watching what is going on in the turrets! We’ll rate this as an entertaining 8 out of 10 slot.

Winners watch out for the knight!

If five appear on the same paid line, expect to receive a cool 9,000 credits.

Play the practice version

Age of Knights does bring the chance of trying it first. The demo is good to play and entertaining on its own.

But if you want to play for real…

You can do so. There are enough bet variations to suit many players.

Mobile version also available

Ride into action on your tablet or smartphone on the Android or iOS platform today.