Take a Look at The Tipsy Tourist Slot Game

Most of us can recall drinking a little too much on vacation at some point, isn’t that right? Well, that’s the idea behind this slot from Betsoft – the idea that one guy might just enjoy himself a little too much!

Get ready for a fun slot that has some nice features built into it, giving you the chance to enjoy the process of playing it.

Reels and paylines

Things start off pretty easy to work out, in that you have 20 paylines in play and five reels to spin.

Betting options

What about starting on just two cents a line? Is that possible? It definitely is, and you can raise your bet to a total of $100 on the whole game too.

Special symbols in play in The Tipsy Tourist

Look for the beach party sign as this is confirmed to be a wild. If it stands in for something else, it could help you form a win.

The scatters (yes, there’s more than one) won’t be substituted by this symbol though.

Bonus features to explore

Okay, so what about those scatters? Well, the first one is a cup and it unlocks the drinking bonus. It will only show up on the first three reels, and it must appear once on each one to get into the Drinking Bonus. You have to try and win the coin toss attempts that take place to see if you or the other guy has to take a drink… The more you win, the more prizes you get.

As you may already have guessed, the other scatter can unlock some free spins. This just so happens to be a beach ball. You can get eight free spins to start with, but the round can be triggered again by getting that combination once more. Additionally, any wilds that appear will be sticky and will remain for the rest of your free spins.

Download and play The Tipsy Tourist slots today!

This game is a lot of fun and we did like the graphics it had to offer as well. It’s a real sunny slot in lots of ways, and we think you could get used to playing it. With free spins and a bonus opportunity to take advantage of, it’s easy to see how appealing the game actually is. But how many prizes will you manage to win when you try it?