Enjoy Playing the Jackpot Jamba Slot from Betsoft

Jackpot Jamba – now there is a title that doesn’t really give too much away. This is one of the more basic games available from this slot provider, but don’t assume that means it has nothing to offer. Far from it, in fact – you will get your money’s worth from this one in terms of gameplay and appeal.

Reels and paylines

There are nine paylines here, so fewer of them in play than the average slot that features five reels, as this one does.

Betting options

You may have spotted other Betsoft games that have coins from two cents all the way to 50 cents, and you have another one here.

Special symbols in play in Jackpot Jamba

There is but one special symbol in the form of a wild, and it is the Party 7 logo. You won’t find a scatter involved though, and there isn’t a multiplier of any sort involved with that wild, either.

Bonus features to explore

It might surprise you to realize the game does offer a bonus feature. In order to get to this feature, you have to find five of the Party 7 symbols on the reels. The good news is they don’t all have to be on a single payline. In that respect, this is really a scatter symbol, although it doesn’t seem to have separate payouts.

When you do reach this round, you get a chance to choose a balloon. Well, it is a party, after all. Depending on the balloon you choose, you get a credit prize. It’s quite a straightforward bonus element in this sense, but it still makes the game that bit more appealing.

Download and play Jackpot Jamba slots today!

So what do you think of Jackpot Jamba? Well, it is quite basic but the good news is you do have that bonus feature. Oh, and hang on, you actually have a progressive jackpot to try and grab as well. We know the odds of doing that are going to be pretty long, but having it there as a possibility is a good thing, we think.

Jackpot Jamba is going to be worth a try for that reason alone, but if you like your slots to be quite easy to understand and play, this could be a good one to try in the near future. Wishing you luck with that jackpot…