Burnin Rubber Slots

You might already know the smell of burning rubber, usually triggered when someone speeds off in their car. However, can we guess how that title might play into the theme in use in this game?

With Arrow's Edge in charge of this one, we get a car-themed game that delivers in several ways. Shall we see how that pans out while we play?

Reels and lines

Do you love a good five-reel slot but tend to find there are too many paylines to cover with your budget? This game was designed just for you. There are indeed five reels to spin here, but you’ll get nine paylines to keep things simple.

Coin options

Just one cent is good enough for each of those lines, delivering a nine-cent minimum bet to cover the lot. You can go higher, but you can never wager more than one coin on each line.

Special icons in Burnin’ Rubber

Can you spot a Hot Rod while playing this game? If so, you’ve spotted the wild symbol. This will replace most other icons that could appear during play. In doing so, it helps you increase the odds of a winning line. If you can locate five Hot Rods on the same paid line, get ready for 5,000 coins to tumble in your direction. Wouldn’t that be cool?

The Hot Rod won’t substitute for the scatter though. This appears as some dice. They have a role all their own to play.

Are there bonuses to be won?

Yes, you can expect to win between five and 15 free spins whenever three or more of the dice icons appear in one spin. You will also get the chance to win prizes with a 2x multiplier involved in these spins. Find three more scatters and you’ll win more spins too, so there is plenty of action going on here.

Download and play the Burnin’ Rubber slot game now

There is nothing sensational or complicated to figure out with the Burnin’ Rubber slot game. However, that is no bad thing. We know some players will appreciate the lower quantity of paylines too. If you want a big slot with lots of character but one that is still affordable, this one undoubtedly manages to tick all those important boxes. Will you like the theme enough to take it for a test drive?