Diplomacy in the Casino

Many people follow world politics out of a sense of duty, love of their country or just for the entertainment it can provide; World Leaders Slots is a title that the last group and many others will find a respite from the real thing. World Leaders is a 5-reel, 18-payline game created by Arrow’s Edge, a developer that has been seeing increased interest and success in the industry recently. World Leaders Slots could very well improve upon that popularity with its interesting features and an amusing theme. World Leaders is a great option for bettors looking for an entertaining reprieve from real-world events.

The Queen and the Despot

The cast of characters in World Leaders drive both the theme and the gameplay; while they are not specifically named, they are identified by their country’s flag. Great Britain is represented by a matronly looking woman with a crown, Russia has a smallish looking gentleman with a square jaw and a receding hairline while the United States features a woman wearing a pantsuit. These three represent the three countries that make up the wilds, and are also appear as characters outside the reels; the wild symbols for the three include a crown, a bear and an eagle. The remaining characters found on the reels are the infamous leaders of Nigeria, Iran and North Korea. The world famous red phone that kept the U.S. and the Soviet Union in contact during the Cold War triggers the bonus game, and the Jack through Ace icons round out the symbols.

Wagering on World Conflict

The game does not give the opportunity to play less than the entire 18 paylines but it is always advantageous to play all lines in any title, and World Leaders is no exception. Even with the required payline-centric wagering structure, this title has a substantial bet variance that ranges between $0.36 and $252 per spin with many betting choices in between to fit any players’ strategies. This is a great game for all bankrolls; whether it resembles the savings of a Russian peasant or the United States of America’s defense budget.

Choose Allies Carefully

Three red phones trigger the Find Your Ally Bonus Round; bettors click on the red phones collecting cash prizes until one leader is chosen three times and the bonus round ends. While there are three wild symbols, only one is in play at any given time; this is decided every 25 spins of the reels when the player clicks on a spinning globe to determine what the next wild will be. Each of the three wilds has a unique feature that brings with it the possibility of a big payday for all gamblers. The British wild duplicates itself in the most advantageous spot on the board for a win, the Russian wild walks from right to left and triggers a free spin as it moves across the play area, and the U.S. wild expands one space vertically and horizontally creating the potential for up to an additional four wilds.

Living in the Free World

The title’s tongue-in-cheek humor of world politics make this game an instant classic and the big win potential will make it popular with bettors around the globe. The choice of the lady in the pantsuit for the United States could be seen as presumptuous, given the timing of the game’s release but it fits so well the development team deserves a pass on that. While World Leaders Slots won’t bring about world peace or Armageddon, it may land a nice jackpot for players.