Walking Death Slots

Everyone knows the name of a certain TV show based on zombies. But the slot game called Walking Death has something a little different in mind. The theme is a good one for a certain time of year, for starters…

Developer details

This is another delightful game from Inbet Games – and possibly one of the spookiest of all…

Demo information

The demo plays out just as the regular version of the game does. You can check out the way everything works and see if you like it enough to place some real coins on those lines.

Does this have a zombie theme?

The title might lead you to think so, but it has a Halloween-style theme in store instead. This includes ghosts, spiders in their webs, and Death himself. He is even floating around with his scythe to the right of the reels. Spooky!

A great design

This is not the most complex design you’ll ever see. It does manage to get that ghostly feel just right though. The background is dark and menacing, while Death floating there is quite unnerving half the time.

The basics of the Walking Death online slot game

There are five reels here, with three large icons per reel. There are no jackpots other than the biggest set prizes on the paytable. The wild is depicted as a dark bottle with flames underneath it and red smoke coming out of it. You must play the Wilded Game option to bring this into play.

The game also includes a bonus gravestone with RIP written on it. Watch out for several of those to appear for a chance at a bonus feature.

How many paylines are there?

There are nine lines included in the game. These look to be fixed.

Place those bets, ladies and gentlemen

Coins go from just 0.01 to 5.00 per time. You can wager more on each spin if you opt for the Wilded version of the game.

Paytable details

This tells you all about the various elements of the game. Select the question mark, which appears in the bottom left corner, to go through the pages.

Is there a bonus in Walking Death?

There is – you must find three or more gravestone scatters to trigger it. The paytable tells us nothing about the bonus though, and we didn’t manage to trigger it when we played. With a creepy theme like this one, we must assume it is going to take you somewhere dark and creepy though, right?

Any free spins to be won?

No, there is no chance of winning anything like this in Walking Death.

Any information on the RTP value?

No – this usually appears in the paytable, but no value was given.

Our rating for Walking Death

We liked this game – the base game is good enough on its own, but it is nice to see you have a shot at triggering a mystery bonus. It gets 7 out of 10 from us.

No news of winning players here

You’re never likely to find out much about any winners when a slot doesn’t have a progressive jackpot to go for.

Play for the heck of it if you dare face Death himself

He is there throughout proceedings, but he doesn’t react if you get a prize. You won’t snag anything real in the demo game, but it’s a good way to check it out.

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Check out this and other Inbet slots games whenever you wish at leading online casinos.

Walking Death on mobile

Yep, you can play like this too if you wish. Android and iOS devices are just fine for accessing the game.