Giovanni's Gems Slots

Giovanni’s Gems is a unique online slot game with a total of 7 reels and a cascading symbol feature. Each time that you unlock wins from the reels, the gems move out of the way and new ones fall down to take their place. The end result is that you can get some very lucrative wins from this slot game and it looks nice in the process.

Decent Betting Range

There are a total of 30 paylines that you can risk money on while playing this slot game and you have to bet on every single one of them all the time. The game does give you a wide range of betting options to choose from though. You can choose to risk a single coin per line for 30 coins overall, all the way up to 5 coins per line or 150 coins per spin. The coin values can be set between $.02 and $1.00 as well, giving you a good range of bets from as little as $.60 to as much as $150. If you want to bet less than the minimum amount the game might not be right for you, but high rollers will have excellent options to select from.

Beautiful Graphics

While playing Giovanni’s Gems you’ll come to really like the look of the game. You’re playing in the middle of a dark forest and there are plenty of bright and colorful gems to choose from. As you play you’ll enjoy the looks of the symbols more and more and it’s hard not to appreciate what this slot game has to offer.

Huge Combo Wins

Since this BetSoft slot uses a cascading feature each time you get any gem combination wins, you have a lot of prize opportunities that are made up of excellent combos. When you play, each time you get matching gems, they disappear and more symbols drop down. If you are lucky enough the dropping symbols will make additional prizes and you’ll get a chain reaction. This can result in some truly massive wins of tens of thousands of dollars while you play the slot game and it’s amazing the wins that you can get from the game with enough luck.

If you’re after a more unique slot game, Giovanni’s Gems is a cool one to try out. Not only does it look cool, but you can win a significant amount of money and the gameplay feels different than most other slot games out there. That’s something that you can really enjoy about this game.