Animal Arcade Slots

Animals are not an unusual sight to spot in online slot games. However, we have never seen so many as there are in the Animal Arcade slot. Another thing to consider is whether this qualifies as a slot game at all. Could this unlock a route to playing something altogether more unusual?

If you want to know more about this game, keep reading. We’ve tried Animal Arcade to bring you all the news and facts you need to know about it.

Which developer came up with this game?

The team behind this one is from Arrows Edge. They’ve proven themselves in the slot game arena, but will they deliver on this idea as well? We’ve got something totally new to try, after all…

There has never been a better reason to play a demo

Whenever you encounter a slot game or casino game that is different to everything else you’ve tried, it makes sense to play a practice version. Fortunately, Arrows Edge has given us just that.

This game has a mix of themes

One is far more obvious than the other. With lots of animals in this arcade, you can spot the animal-themed game very quickly. However, Arrows Edge also marks this out as an Asian Gaming House themed title.

Do we love the design?

It’s different, and the color palette is where the Asian theme comes in. It does have that styling to it. You’ll see all the animals underneath the gaming area, with some cute faces staring back at you there. You can also find those animals in the main portion of the game, appearing randomly there.

Learn how to play Animal Arcade from Arrows Edge

You might already have wondered how many reels this game has. Answer – none. Instead, it provides a series of small symbols in a square shape with rounded corners. This shape has a lit area that moves around with each go, before stopping on one symbol. You must decide which bets to place and which symbols to choose (you can go for one or more) before starting the game.

You’ll see there are a few multipliers involved, so if a prize is won that involves one of those, you get more in return. There are no jackpots here, so you must simply try and get prizes by guessing which animal the lit area is going to land on.

How many paylines are involved?

You might by now have guessed that no paylines are used here, as there are no reels to place them on.

What are the bets like?

The minimum wager is worth 50 cents per go. You can raise this to $10, with several other values available between those extremes. It is possible to bet on more than one animal if you wish, but of course that would result in a bigger wager for each go.

The paytable is an essential part of the game

Since the game fits more readily into the arcade style of game rather than a slot game, it makes sense to review the paytable and everything it can tell you before playing. That is the only way to figure out if there is enough on offer here to persuade you to play.

Find out about the bonus game

This is short, but worthwhile, nonetheless. It’s called the Double Win bonus. To trigger it, you must land on the Double Win icon on the game screen. This will unlock two re-spins. The first one sees the light go around clockwise, while the second one goes in reverse. Arrows Edge reveals that both those spins give you a prize.

Watch out for the FREE SPIN icon too

Yes, there is one of those ready to be lit up as well, hopefully. If this happens, the wager you just made is given back to you. So, that qualifies as your free spin. However, following this you also get a re-spin at no charge. You don’t get a handful of spins like you would in a slot game, but this is still a nice feature to see.

A reasonable RTP value in force

The paytable is detailed enough to reveal the minimum, average, and maximum values for the game return to player percentage. However, the average one is the one that matters, and that comes out to 94.39%.

Do we love the new Animal Arcade game?

It’s great to play once you figure out how things tick along. We suggest spending a while playing the demo version, because that will tell you whether you like it enough to play it for real, and how to place your bets on it if you do like it. We think this is unusual enough to be an 8/10 game. Do you agree?

Winners could benefit from multipliers of up to 100x

That multiplier is attached to the mighty tiger, but there are lots of other multipliers in store too. Will anyone grab some headlines for triggering a nice prize from this game? Only time will tell.

Get some practice in before switching to real bets

The game loads with demo funds that cannot be withdrawn. This does give you the opportunity to see how the game pans out and whether you like it though.

Are you going to play for real?

If you want to, the game is available at all Arrows Edge casinos.

Mobile platforms are fine for this game

Yep, you can use iOS and Android devices among others to get a fresh look at the new Animal Arcade game.