Kate’s Waddle Slots

And who is Kate, anyway? We are about to find out all the answers, but first we should note Kate’s Waddle slot looks chilly. There are icebergs, cold waters, and plenty of creatures to look for as well. And since we know Kate does have a waddle, we guess we are about to meet a penguin or two.

Reels and win lines

How about enjoying a 10-reel game for once? The game works on a 10 x 10 grid, so there is lots going on with every spin. That means no paylines, with cluster wins the aim here instead.

Coins to choose from

Since the game uses cluster wins, it requires a bet of 30 coins for each spin you make. Each of those coins should be worth between a cent and $8.

Special icons to look for in Kate’s Waddle

Two symbols have more importance in the game than the rest. The first is a wild penguin who looks very friendly. This will substitute almost all the other things that might appear. There is another penguin in play too. Known as Kate – of course – she is the free spin symbol and cannot be replaced by the wild penguin.

Are there bonus features too?

Finding at least five Kate penguins or anything up to nine of them will trigger that amount of free games to enjoy. So, you can secure five at least, and possibly as many as nine. That number also triggers a different reel set to be used. Win five spins and you’ll play on a 5 x 5 reel set. If you win nine of them, a 9 x 9 reel set is in action instead.

There is a different feature that could randomly occur during these games too. Look out for an orca to appear, diving gracefully over your reels. If you should see this marvelous sight, another three games will be given to you. This should be ideal for you to enjoy as it means you could win more than the original number of games won.

Download Kate’s Waddle slots and give them a try today

This is a graceful and enjoyable game with great graphics and cute characters involved everywhere you look. Will it be a favorite with you, though? Try Kate’s Waddle slots now and you will soon have the answer you are looking for.