Will You Be Enchanted with this Betsoft Slot Game?

You might ask that question of any Betsoft slot you come across. Here though, the actual title is Enchanted, so will it cast a magical spell on you or not?

It’s a fun game with all kinds of magic going on, and there are some fun effects to be had as you play. This is a 3D game too, and it is one of the better ones out there today.

Reels and paylines

Everything starts normally enough, with five reels and 30 lines.

Betting options

Betsoft seems to like a 10-cent opening bet, but you can adjust it to either a two-cent minimum or a 50-cent max.

Special symbols in play in Enchanted

You won’t find a wild or a scatter here, but you will find some golden keys. Collect three of these from the fifth reel to get Tonk’s Tinkering Doors feature. This takes place on the regular reels.

There is also a purple Crazy Hat to be found. Get two of these and you get a chance to play the Crazy Reels bonus. What will happen when this gets underway?

Bonus features to explore

Fancy a chance at enjoying some Spellbook free spins? There are three spellbooks to find on a payline you’ve bet on to trigger this. You also trigger an instant cash bonus and a chance to win further bonuses if you get the Enchanted symbol on the center position on the center reel.

Want more? Okay, how about a chance to Save Feera’s Birdie? This is the other bonus feature, available to trigger when Feera and Rufus appear adjacent to each other on an active payline.

Download and play Enchanted slots today!

Well, you can see there are lots of features built into this game, so while there is no wild or scatter, you probably won’t miss them. We had a few spins of this game and we won quite a few prizes during the process.

Additionally, the special features don’t seem too hard to trigger, although of course you probably won’t trigger all of them in one fell swoop. Mind you, with several cool features to look for, it will be something to play for to try and work your way through them all. Whenever you win anything, you will see you have a chance to enjoy the animation of those scenes, so make sure you enjoy it!