Carnaval Forever Slots

You cannot beat a carnival atmosphere. If you’ve ever been to one, you’ll know how entertaining and enlivening they can be. We’ve seen this theme used a few times in online slot games, and we have another example of this theme right here for you. Carnaval Forever (yes, that’s how it is spelt) is a superb new game that has some appealing elements rolled into it. It is also a game you will be impressed with simply on the design front. We’re going to review Carnaval Forever for you here, so you can learn more about it.

Facts about the Carnaval Forever slot game

One thing we should mention here is the impressive nature of the background. This game gives us a chance to take in the theme on many different levels. Yes, you can expect many relevant symbols to appear with each spin. You can also expect to see appropriate imagery around the reels though, and that makes the game far more colorful than it might otherwise be.

Which slot game developer came up with the idea for Carnaval Forever?

We can thank the experienced and talented team at Betsoft for this one. This is one of the biggest outfits in the gaming industry today, at least where slot games are concerned. They are known for developing 3D slots and have many of those to their name. This new title isn’t a 3D slot, but it does give us a good idea of how detailed and impressive their 2D slots can be too.

Does the game offer demo play?

Yes. You should find any Betsoft casino offering this game will provide a practice play version. This should be available in Flash or on any device you choose to access it on. It means you can play the game as it is intended to be played, without worrying about placing real bets on it.

Which theme is being used?

We know this one uses a carnival theme. This is not a new theme, but it also isn’t a common one. We believe this is one of the best representations of the theme too, particularly in the sense of color and design.

You might be disappointed to learn, as we initially were, that the standard playing card icons have been included here. However, they have taken the time to provide ornate details on each of those icons, backed by a pale pink color scheme. It does look impressive.

Game design details

As a new slot from Betsoft, it looks every bit as good as their other modern slot games. They have given each of the high-value icons a separate color scheme, each one showing us one of the carnival participants. This means you can usually spot a successful line combo when it appears.

Slot game type: Things you need to know

If you like five-reel games, you will like this one. It offers three rows of symbols to look at. You can also watch out for a wild icon where the silhouetted figure of a dancer appears in front of a glorious background with elements of all colors included. You can also expect to meet the Carnaval Queen. We will reveal more about the role she can play shortly.

How many paylines could you bet on?

This game works with fixed paylines and uses 10 of them. That’s a small quantity for a Betsoft slot, but it makes the game accessible to a wider range of players.

Betting options you’ll want to look through

The game offers a simple way to scroll through the various betting options. From just 10 cents per spin to $10 per spin, there should be something for everyone here. It means wagering between one cent and one dollar on each of those fixed lines.

Is the paytable easy to find?

Yes, you can access this from just underneath the reels. It is good to read it prior to starting the game. Five pages give you everything you need to know about the slot. The wild is shown, as is the Carnaval Queen. The high- and low-value symbols are divided onto two pages, giving you a chance to see what each successful combo might bring.

Does Carnaval Forever have a bonus round?

No, there is no bonus involved in this game.

Could you net any free spins during the game?

Yes, and the Carnaval Queen is responsible for bringing them to you. How many times must she appear in a game to warrant some free spins for you? Three, four, or five times, in which case you would receive, five, seven, or nine spins. Each spin you get, regardless of how many are awarded, gives you one or more prizes. If the Carnaval Queen appears during any of those spins, two further free games are given for each individual appearance.

Look out for the chance to buy this feature too. You don’t need to use it, but if you are interested, the price will be on the screen. There are coins that can appear during play, and each one of these you find will reduce the cost of buying this feature. The more coins you find, the lower the price goes, and it could possibly become free of charge to ‘purchase’ it with enough of the Bonus Buy Coins. If you do buy it, 10 free spins are provided for you.

Finding out about the game RTP

This does not appear on the paytable, but it should become apparent soon as people start to try it out.

What is our slot game rating for Carnaval Forever?

We’ve tried the demo and we think this one deserves 7 out of 10. We have seen many permutations of a free spin game before, but the couple of tweaks in this one make it very appealing.

What can potential slot game winners look forward to?

The game does not have a progressive jackpot involved, so you are limited to trying to snag some of the prizes on the paytable. You will read more about these as you progress, with a chance to find out how much each combination could be worth.

Can you play for fun in this game?

Yes, you can. We suggest you check out the demo prior to doing anything else, as it will help you work out whether you would like to play the game in the real way.

Will you switch to play for real money?

This is for you to decide. Check the betting options, read through the information provided on the game, play the demo, and then make up your mind.

Mobile play for Android/iOS is also available

If you do want to play, you should know that mobile play is available alongside other online options. Find a casino offering Carnaval Forever as a mobile game and you’re good to go.