Boom Bucks Slots

If you want to try and get some bang for your buck, how about trying your luck at playing the Boom Bucks slot? It comes to us courtesy of Betsoft, and that alone is reason enough to check out the details, don’t you think?

One thing you will immediately notice about this game is the appearance. It has been designed to look exactly like a real-life slot machine, complete with flashing icons and lights. Are you ready to see if you can generate a real-life prize as well?

Reels and lines

The game provides you with three reels, but you get more than just the one line you might have expected. There are five to try and win with here.

Coin values

This game is a little different in that you can play either four or eight credits per spin. This means you will play for either blue prizes or red prizes, as per the paytable.

Boom Bucks special icons

Well, you may not expect anything too entertaining in this section, what with their being no more than three reels in action. But there is a Boom Bucks icon to remind you there is a chance to win Boom Bucks when you play this game…

Are there bonus features to search for in this slot game?

Watch out for the Boom Bucks meter in action in this game. It can reveal some Boom Bucks in the meter, and you need a green go sign to transfer those bucks over to the bucks meter. If you hit the stop sign, the meter goes back to zero. The idea is to scoop whatever is in the meter if you get lucky.

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So, this game is different to the usual slot you might have expected. But the Boom Bucks meter is the element to watch here. Watch the circular number reel to see where the number stops with each spin, and see what goes into the meter. Will you scoop a major prize from the meter, or will you win more from the regular prize amounts on the paytable?

Playing either four or eight credits per spin makes this game pretty cool. It also simplifies it, although it may take a while to understand how the Bucks Meter works. Will you be in line for some prizes from it when you play?