From 4 Seasons To 7th Heaven

Betsoft has been making slot games for a long while. That means some of their games are more advanced than others. Seek out a recent game and you’ll find some striking graphics that are impressive to see. Look at some older games and you can see how far Betsoft has come. We’ve highlighted two games right here that help us tell this story. Will you manage to get the better of one or both of them?

4 Seasons

4 Seasons Slots is a charming 3D slot that does take in all four seasons, as shown on the loading screen. The detail is impressive, and the rotating seasons see changing payouts as well. You can win up to 750,000 credits playing this, and while most of us will fall far short of that, it’s nice to know. There are various Oriental-style toy animals appearing on the five reels. You will also see yin-yang symbols, a wild white cat, and the multiplier wheel comes into play on the left. There is a lot involved in the 4 Seasons slot, making it an entertaining one to enjoy.

7th Heaven

7th Heaven Slots is a term given to feeling as though you’re in heaven, so will this game send you there? This is a far more basic slot from Betsoft, delivering a 2D appearance with five large reels and 18 lines to play on. There are three different-colored sevens in action here, each offering different prizes whenever certain quantities appear. While everything looks basic, there is a wild (shown simply as a W), and it will go wild for all the 7s in the game when appearing on reels two, three, and four. It might also expand over its reel. Finally, a symbol showing the four card suits will give you a spin on the color wheel whenever it appears on the final three reels of the game. How many free games could you win with its help?

Enjoy other games from the Betsoft collection too

Out of these two games, it’s hard not to prefer 4 Seasons. However, we would suggest you check out their many other games as well. You might be amazed at the variety and versatility displayed by this software developer. There is a reason why they continually rank near the top of the pile with quality slots. You’ll see why when you play some.